Fathers and Daughters

Fathers & Daughters… Everytime the story of Amnon and Tamar is read from 2Samuel 13… a thought comes to mind about how her father {king David} permitted her to go to her brother’s place.  Now, everyone must realise that fathers must see farther. It is not a choice, it is a responsibility. Fathers must take… Continue reading Fathers and Daughters


 My Darling Florence, I’d start on this note: the meaning of Florence captured my heart as i a name for my fashion label… ‘House of Florence’ resonated with me so much but Bukola and Kehinde Obimodede didn’t seem to buy the idea. They probably felt it was a pity-party thingy. But no, it wasn’t! I… Continue reading Florence

Be Still 

Have you ever tried to wiggle while being injected?😫 Hum it’s always a messy scenario. The nurse will likely say, ‘Be still’ Now, here is how it is when God is working in the life of a man.  Every time you try to influence his work by doing what he has not sent you to… Continue reading Be Still