Words To Live By eBook (download here)

This past September, I embarked on a journey to do a Thirty day series sharing on various words necessary to live intentionally. At the end of it, I promised to give you a compiled edition in an eBook. So you can go through it at you pace and share with loved ones. So here is it, each Words are written for you. They are sincere, … Continue reading Words To Live By eBook (download here)


Man is moved by sight.  Man moves by sight  Is man a puppet?   Since what propels his every action or inaction  is his accurate  estimation  of what he sees or doesn’t see.  So is man moved by sight?  Does his heart stir in jubilation  as he is enlightened about the numerous possibilities  that abound  within  and without  his potentials?  Or Do you think he … Continue reading Vision


Pain is rather an inevitable part of life’s processes… What we do with pain is more important than what caused the pain (selah). Though there may be justifiable reasons or not as to why there is a pain in the first place… But many are have turned sadly in to the uncomforting arms of alcohol, sexual-obsession and her numerous siblings, food addiction, drug abuse or … Continue reading Pain