Omolabake Episode 15

😍💃🏽💅🏽😘😁🤗 We made it! Thank you for reading! Correcting! Sharing! Liking! Following! Uploading! Everything Omolabake… Here is the last Episode for this season… There comes an Epilogue on Sunday morning! And there is a good news Happy Good Friday! LM Continue reading Omolabake Episode 15

Omolabake Episode 14

Here we go friends! I think we have gotten to the climax… What does Gideon do with the info GrannyO gives him? How much can Lekan, Morinsola’s doting husband take from his wife? Is Omolabake aware that God has His eyes on her? You never know till you click the link and find out in Episode 14 Love always, Lutomi Modesola. Continue reading Omolabake Episode 14

Omolabake Episode 9

Episode 9 “Thank you” Morinsola smiled at the guard who pulled the eatery`s door for her. She scanned the room and sighted the booth where Omolabake sat. Their eyes met. Labake smiled. Morinsola made her way over to the booth. A woman with a bag stopped her in her tracks. “Hello Madam” She looked up to see her Pastor`s wife. “Oh, Good afternoon ma.” After … Continue reading Omolabake Episode 9

Omolabake Episode 7

Seven they say is the perfect number! I have a good news to share, actually several… But we will take one today! Before I share, We now have a page on Facebook you can follow to get updates, gist, behind the scene thoughts and all… Here is the link And to the good news, Omolabake will now come twice a week! So here you … Continue reading Omolabake Episode 7

Omolabake Episode 6

Episode 6: Happy New Month Friends! Gideon had fallen into a comfortable routine. It was true what she said, a good portion of the time was spent on the road. Her intelligence was profound. He figured that the rumours were also true. Omolabake couldn’t stand people who refused to think. During the first few weeks of his arrival, he’d receive snide remarks. His predecessor, the … Continue reading Omolabake Episode 6